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About Us

As internet project managers and consultants, our target is to serve our customers to the best. The Projelogic consulting team consists of skilled professionals who will consult you and help you expand and grow your business.

By using a team approach to internet consulting, we are able to offer our clients with creative solutions that take advantage of today’s technology. The vision and goal of your company will become our vision and goal. At Projelogic, we provide timely services at the highest level, you can rest assure you’re in good hands.

Our software architects use a unique methodology of Architectural Evaluation, in which they will perform the following steps:

  • Analyze the functional goals of the system.
  • Analyze the business constraints
  • Evaluate the current architecture (if exists).
  • Select the best technologies and frameworks to achieve the system goals.
  • Design the system architecture by defining its building blocks.

Our development team consists of the following:

  • PHP Developers
  • PHP Team Leaders
  • Java Developers
  • J2EE Developers
  • J2EE Senior Developers
  • J2EE Team Leaders
  • .NET Developers (WinForms, ASP.NET, Ajax.NET, .NET Remoting, MSSQL, etc.)
  • Oracle DBA Developers
  • Oracle DBA Administration (Production Backups, Monitoring, performance)
  • Solaris IT experts
  • QA Department
  • Web Developers
  • Graphical Designer

Projelogic.Ltd is a proud member of the PMI Israeli Chapter

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